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Blog Site Update

Have added a Page Tab specifically pointing to BL-101 Videos, and organizing them in order.  This is intended to allow the users of this site to quickly and easily find videos on the specific area of their needs.  If you have any topics that you would like to see covered, or answers to specific questions, […]

New Video: Lesson I b – Greek Vowels

Completed production of Lesson I b – Greek Vowels, and uploaded it to YouTube.  This video focuses on Greek vowels, diphthongs, the three types of accents, and breathing marks. Production time is reduced.  It only took me roughly 5 hours to complete this project, as compared to the 10 hours it took me to produce the […]

BL-101 Lab

The following is a YouTube video on applying what we learn in Lesson 1. Note:  I still need to produce Lesson 1b which covers diphthongs and breather marks.