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Dealing with Copyright Concerns

Back in 2002/2003, I contacted a publishing company called Wipf and Stock.  They had begun publishing J. Gresham Machen’s text, New Testament Greek for Beginners and I wanted permission to make an electronic copy of my own textbook into a pdf file.  They wrote back and informed me that the text was now considered public domain and that it should not be a problem.  So I made the pdf and gave it out to whoever wanted a pdf copy of Machen’s book.

Well, several weeks ago (2012), I noticed that Wipf and Stock were no longer providing the book, so I wrote them again.  According to the publisher, they had made a mistake and it now appears that NT Greek for Beginners is in fact still under copyright protection!

This revelation concerns me greatly!  All my teaching materials have been developed for this textbook, and I don’t want to break any laws, so I have put a hold on publishing any new videos until I am sure I am not violating any copyright laws.

I have made several contacts and have spent some time researching the laws, and I am pretty confident that my teaching classes fall under the “Fair Use” laws.  Once I have confirmed my suspicions, I will continue to provide free educational classes based on Machen’s book.  If you would, please keep this matter in prayer.  God’s Word teaches us that we must submit to our authority and I want to make sure I am not violating any laws.

Thank you.

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