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BL-101 Lesson III Lab Now Published on YouTube

After a long period of prepping and praying, Lesson III Lab is now published and made available on YouTube.  As you might have read, I recently found out that J Gresham Machen’s textbook, New Testament Greek for Beginners is in fact not public domain, as I was first told, but still falls under US copyright laws.  Thankfully, I had not given out any copies of my pdf file of the text!  After seeking legal council and much prayer, we had found out that our free Greek lessons do fall under the “fair use” protection act.  Though I am not permitted to give out copies of the pdf file I have, I can use portions of the textbook in my lessons.

You can watch Lesson III Lab at the following link:

Please, if you have not done so already, allow me to encourage you to pick up your own copy of Machen’s magnum opus.  In my opinion, this textbook is one of the finest Greek textbooks out there.

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