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Lesson III-A Published

Spent the day producing and polishing Lesson II A – Greek Vocabulary.  After one or two significant obstacles, we were able to make the corrections and finally post the video to YouTube. My next video will be dealing with the Present Active Indicative Verb.

Lesson II Published

Finally received permission from BibleWorks to make my Lesson II video public.  Lesson II would normally cover Rules of Accents in NT Greek, but duee to the tools available to the students now, I decided to forgo this specific corner of Purgatory and give a plug for one of my most useful tools.

New Video: Lesson I b – Greek Vowels

Completed production of Lesson I b – Greek Vowels, and uploaded it to YouTube.  This video focuses on Greek vowels, diphthongs, the three types of accents, and breathing marks. Production time is reduced.  It only took me roughly 5 hours to complete this project, as compared to the 10 hours it took me to produce the […]

BL-101 Lab

The following is a YouTube video on applying what we learn in Lesson 1. Note:  I still need to produce Lesson 1b which covers diphthongs and breather marks.

BL-101 Lesson 1a: New Testament Greek Alphabet

After about 10 hours of hacking and slashing, I have created the first (of hopefully many) online lessons for New Testament.  This first YouTube video begins the student with the Greek alphabet.